Readers’ comments on The Crossing

“Characters in this book are real. I have met them in my lifetime.
They are part of the story of the Stolen Generations, an integral part of the shared history of our country.
Every Australian should read this book”.
Mick Dodson

Professor Mick Dodson, Ross River 2019

(Professor Mick Dodson was 2009 Australian of the Year and is co-author of The Bringing Them Home Report, the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families)

“I loved everything about this story – so beautifully written (even the ugly reality of what happened) the people, sharing their lives intimately, the description of place – I was right there, crying, laughing along the way. I couldn’t stop reading – it was heart-wrenching and uplifting.  Mick Dodson is so right saying every Australian should read The Crossing.”   
Annaxue Yang, Toowoomba

“I’m halfway through and thoroughly enjoying the read…how engaging the story and characters are…it’s hard to put it down! I can visualise it as a movie!”
Heather Roche, Ballarat

“I have just finished your book. Very well written. Such disturbing stories. It must have taken a lot of courage to put it into print. It was certainly a terrible time”.
Margaret O’Donnell, Ballarat

“I started reading The Crossing at 3.00 pm and finished it at 3.00 am. I couldn’t put it down. It engages on so many levels.
Moira McIntosh, Black Hill


It’s on the shelves!

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